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Couple Box

Serves Two People

Meals per week:

$9.75 per portion

+ $9.00 Shipping
Total per week: $39.00

Family Box

Serves Four People

Meals per week:

$7.00 per portion

+ $9.00 Shipping
Total per week: $56.00

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Eat Earthly?

    Eat Earthly is a plant-based meal kit delivery service, we aim to inspire people to be more creative with plant-based food, keeping flavour, nutrition and sustainability as our main focus.

  • How often do you update your recipes?

    Our menu is updated every Sunday, each week we have different recipes.

  • Where Does Eat Earthly Source Their Ingredients From?

    We are extremely passionate about the ingredients we source, keeping quality and sustainability in key focus. We source our fresh ingredients from local Victorian farmers, aiming to keep our food miles as low as possible. We aim to source our pantry goods from Australian company’s were foreseeable to do so.

  • Where And When Does Eat Earthly Deliver?

    Currently we deliver through-out Metro Melbourne, we are looking to expand interstate in the future. Our delivery day is Monday, between 7am - 8pm. Standard shipping rate is $9.

  • Is Eat Earthly a subscription service?

    Yes, you are not locked-in. Your able to log into your account and skip a week, pause or cancel your subscription at any time, you can also change which meals you want to receive, we update our menu weekly, you can view what our recipes will be for three weeks in advance at all times - you can access this by logging in and clicking into "manage subscription". You have until Saturday the Monday before your order is to be delivered to change, skip or cancel your order!

  • When Is Your Cut Off Date To Order?

    Our cut off time is Saturday at 11:59pm to receive your box by Monday. E.g If you order on Sunday your box will be delivered the following Monday.